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In 1991, I had the good fortune to appreciate the transformational impact of philanthropy. With a little hard work and a lot of luck, early in my career as a Financial Planner, I had achieved reasonable degree of success – that is, success as I defined it at that point in my life.

Then, at 31, it slowly dawned on me that I owed a huge debt of gratitude to those I had never known. I realized that if it were not for the wisdom, wealth and hard work of so many Canadians who came before me, that I, and millions of my fellow Canadians, would not be enjoying the quality of life that makes us the envy of so many around the world. That’s when I decided I needed to contribute in some way and make a difference.

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  • This is where your legacy begins July 20, 2016 My long-time friend, Anne Brayley, recently reminded me that we’ve both been involved with the Toronto Foundation for over 25 years! Back when I was in my late twenties, I clearly remember attending a presentation facilitated by The Right Honourable John Turner (who was then the chair of the Toronto Foundation), and being profoundly affected by ...
  • PMTalks with Malcom Burrows June 21, 2016 For many reasons I am extremely fortunate to serve on the board of the Canadian Association of Gift Planners. One of those reasons is that, on a regular basis, I have the incredible opportunity to hear firsthand the thoughts of many of Canada’s leading minds from the philanthropic sector. After one of these meetings took ...

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