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Recently I celebrated my 56th birthday. As I grow older I have an increasing appreciation that, after a number of decades on this planet, I am travelling down (hopefully not too quickly) the “other side of the mountain”. It was with this idea in mind that I began my marble initiative.

Specifically, a couple of years ago I went out and purchased 100 rather brightly coloured marbles, each one reflecting the number of years I plan to live. I’ve always been an optimist at heart and I figured 100 had a nice ring to it! On October 20th of each year I simply transfer a marble from one mason jar to the other. I find this a wonderful visual metaphor that I have no choice but to look at every single day when I step into my office. I also cannot help but notice that one jar (years left) is shrinking fast compared to the other jar (years lived) … but of course this is the entire point.

Moving another marble from one jar to the other